I'm a cheese loving, Green Bay Packer obsessed wisconsinite with a passion for all things CREATIVE.  In my free time, you can find me snuggling with my two favorite pups, and binge watching Netflix with my hubby.  

Traveling has become something I can't live without doing, I am always itching to go somewhere new.  Whether it is to a new place in my city, across the country, or another part of the world I manage to find inspiration and you won't catch me without a camera.

Food is life, especially donuts!  I have recently decided to part ways with gluten and dairy, for health reasons.  I would never willingly give up cheese (I am from Wisconsin, remember?!).  I am forever researching new food options and recipes, while keeping myself fueled on vegan donuts from a local bakery!

…enough about food though ;)

I've started this site to expand my horizons, and take on new projects and really dive into what I love doing most.  Enjoy!

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