I'm a cheese loving, Green Bay Packer obsessed wisconsinite with a passion for all things CREATIVE.  In my free time, you can find me chasing around my very fast almost ONE year old son Lucas and forever working on house projects with my high school sweetheart Husband Tony.  

Traveling has become something I can't live without doing, I am always itching to go somewhere new.  Whether it is to a new place in my city, across the country, or another part of the world I manage to find inspiration and you won't catch me without a camera.

Food is life, especially donuts!  I have recently decided to part ways with gluten and dairy, for health reasons.  I would never willingly give up cheese (I am from Wisconsin, remember?!).  I am forever researching new food options and recipes, while keeping myself fueled on vegan donuts from a local bakery!

…enough about food though ;)

I've started this site to expand my horizons, and take on new projects and really dive into what I love doing most.  Enjoy!